McKenzie’s launches new soup kits for winter

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 14th March 2018

McKenzie's new Pea & Ham soup kit

McKenzie’s have launched two new soup kits in time for winter.

Shoppers can now purchase McKenzie’s Chicken Noodle and Pea & Ham soup kits containing pulses and stock sachets to help making soup at home easier.

Customers will only be required to purchase fresh ingredients like vegetables and meat to add as directed.

Bianca Piscopo, McKenzie’s Food Marketing Manager, said soup is both a healthy and budget friendly meal option for consumers.

“Legumes have long been herald as a superfood ingredient, they are not only a great source of protein and dietary fibre, they are easy to prepare and delicious,” Piscopo said.

“Bringing together these factors is what make McKenzie’s Soup Kits a simple and cost effective solution to the daily question of what to have for dinner.”

McKenzie’s Soup Kits are available now at Woolworths and independent supermarkets.


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