Aussie Apples sinks six-figures into netball sponsorship

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 6th March 2017

Aussie Apples is banking on Netball Australia to promote its fruit, signing a six-figure sponsorship deal with the sporting organisation.

Valued at AUD $600, 000, the deal includes the supply of apples to players at all levels, along with television advertising, endorsement by high-level players, website promotion and match signage.

Aussie Apples is the name of the industry body that represents apple growers on behalf of  Horticulture Innovation Australia, which is funded by a mix of growers levy’s and federal government assistance.

Horticulture Innovation Australia, said with the rise of netball and the healthy connection between sport and fruit, the partnership makes perfect sense.

“Industry is very excited about this new venture, which is timely given the breadth of participation in netball across the nation and the increasing profile of women’s sport in Australia,” said Horticulture Innovation Australia Chief Executive Officer, John Llyod.

According to Netball Australia, 1.2 million people play netball in Australia, and a further 250, 000 people attend games each year.

Numbers are predicted to grow further with professional Australian league netball matches airing on prime-time television as of February 2017.

Netball Australia acting Chief Executive Officer, Marne Fechner, said the partnership was a natural fit.

“In this next evolution for netball, we have been seeking to create partnerships with brands who align with our values and vision,” Fechner said.


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