Its noice, its different, its ok, Ad Standards dismisses Aldi Kath & Kim complaint

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd April 2018

A complaint over an Aldi Facebook post featuring a picture of Kath & Kim drinking wine and smoking has been dismissed by Ad Standards.

In a submission to Advertising Standards, a member of the public complained that an Aldi Facebook post, that included a picture of popular TV characters Kath and Kim, depicted smoking cigarettes.

The Facebook post complained about consisted of a link to a Pedestrian TV article reporting on Aldi’s $10 wines. It included a picture of Kim smoking a cigarette whilst drinking wine, and Kath just drinking wine.

The post was accompanied with the text “ALDI Liquor” It’s good. It’s different. It’s unewsual”, a nod to one of Kath and Kim’s most known quotes and Aldi’s current advertising slogan.


The article was not paid for by Aldi.

In response to the complaint, Aldi Australia told Ad Standards it did not believe it breached any relevant advertising code of practice nor was the post aimed at children.

“Further, the article header, which is effectively a comedic spoof, depicts well established and known comedians whose comments and character representation appears to be entirely within character, and whose poor lifestyle habits form a fundamental part of their charter,” Aldi wrote.

“The use of such characters in this context would not, in Aldi’s Stores’ view, contradict community standards and would not breach the law or any relevant code.”

Ad Standard’s panel dismissed the complaint saying the post did not promote smoking and the text that accompanied the post acknowledges the picture is satirical.

“The Panel considered that the image of Kath and Kim combined with an understanding of their associated character flaws is not a depiction that could be interpreted as promoting or galmorising cigarette smoking,” Ad Standards said in its case report.