Feel free to bake with Wacker’s non-animal L-Cysteine

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th October 2018

L-CYSTEINE acts as a highly efficient dough softener, making dough far easier to mix and process. Its usage improves overall texture and volume for high-quality baked goods.

However, L-cysteine is often extracted from feathers or human hair.

More and more people want to reduce their intake of food of animal origin, and WACKER offers the perfect solution: the first L-cysteine based on starch fermentation – a purely vegan, kosher and halal alternative.

WACKER’s L-cysteine is plant-derived and has compelling advantages:

  • Non-human, non-animal origin
  • Kosher, halal
  • TSE/BSE-safe

Feel free to learn all about our L-cysteine at www.wacker.com/cysteine-bakery