See Europe’s award-winning alternative-protein startups

Posted by Aimee Chanthadavong on 31st October 2018

MANUFACTURING of alternative protein foods have been recognised at an international awards event that could potentially inform trends in Australia.

Swarm Nutrition, Solar Foods, and Bafa Hemp Foods have each been crowned winners of the first Future Protein Award in Germany.

Swarm Nutrition was recognised for developing its insect protein bar, while Bafa Hemp Foods pioneered a hemp protein powder containing 70 per cent protein.

Solar Food received votes for producing a new type of protein using special bacteria together with air and electricity from renewable energy sources (scroll down for product details).

Six new protein products from Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and South Africa were nominated for the award.

Michael Carus, managing director of nova-Institut and organiser of award, said the award exemplifies the innovation that is taking place in the food and biotech industry.

“I am convinced that the future of the global food market depends on these alternative protein sources, considering the rising global warming and increased demand for food,” he said.

“Not only large companies are part of these food innovations, but also many young start-ups with their new ideas. The future of food is changing and we are looking forward to it.”

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Australia’s Edible Bug Shop founder Skye Blackburn, who has been breeding insects for human consumption for the last 10 years, agreed there’s been a change in the way people approach food.

“In the past five years there’s been shift when it comes food. Consumers want something that’s sustainable, something that is nutrient dense food so you can get value for money, and they want local food – and insects definitely ticks all the boxes,” she said.

“We’ve got a lot of people that are looking for ways to include insets in their everyday diet because they have been learning about it for such a long time.”

Blackburn added in the case of insects, they’re more than just a source for protein. They also contain micro nutrients, B vitamin, omega-3, and plant and meat-based amino acids.

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BAFA Hemp Foods – Concentrated protein powder from hemp (DE)

The Hemp Protein Powder of the BAFA Hemp Foods GmbH, a hemp pioneer from Karlsruhe, contains over 70 % protein, which contains a complete amino acid spectrum. The product has a mild nutty taste and a white color. This product is 100% natural and also available in a certified organic version. Hemp protein powder is an ideal protein supplement for athletic vegetarians and vegans. It can be used in many delicious recipes. For more information:

Solar Foods – Proteins from air and renewable electricity (FI) 

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