Making Safety a Priority in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd February 2019

Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety 2018/19 – Released

Consumers are reliant on the food manufacturing industry and their ability to safely produce quality food that is suitable for consumption. Consumers with food allergies, for example, rely heavily on the implementation of safe food handling and practices. In cases where food standards and safety is anything but perfect, it can potentially be life threating to a consumer.

Safety in the food manufacturing industry is not only crucial for the consumer’s behalf; it too reins importance for those working in the industry. Therefore, providing guidelines for the Food Manufacturing sector is Pro-Visual Publishing in partnership with Food Standards Australia New Zealand and Australian Food Microbiology, who have released their latest edition of the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety, addressing current health and safety topics, with interactive Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities.

Pro-Visual together with their partners have collated some of the critical food safety topics relevant to the industry including, food standards code, the rise of undeclared allergen-related recalls and cleaning and sanitising. The interactive wall-mounted guide distributed free of charge aims to serve as a constant visual reminder of workplace safety in the food manufacturing industry.

The augmented reality (AR) element of this year’s Guide adds a dynamic and interactive experience for workers. By simply downloading the free Pro-Vis AR app, users can use the app to scan over any AR capable content to view further safety resources straight to their smart device.


I would like to thank all the sponsors of the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety 2018/19. Their support has made it possible for the Guide to be distributed free of charge.

– John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing.


Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health & safety, food safety & hygiene, and wellbeing information resource guides. Each guide is practical and informative, providing a quick reference point for management and staff. Pro-Visual Publishing’s guides are vital resources to ensure workers return home precisely the way they came to work.


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