Four’N Twenty wants to save Aussie slang

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 1st May 2017

Words and phrases like ‘grouse’ and ‘you beauty!’ might not be used by Australians as much as they once were, but Four’N Twenty wants to bring them back.

The new Four’N Twenty ‘Save our Slang’ marketing campaign will see the iconic pie brand ask the public to submit their favourite Australian expressions, with the top 70 to feature on packaging.

Four’N Twenty’s Marketing Manager, Mario Matchado, says he expects words like “bloke”, “straya” and “bogan” to all feature on pie wrappers from mid-May 2017.

“It’s time to honour our rich and varied vocabulary of slang expressions,” he said.

The campaign will include social media promotion featuring former-AFL player, Jonathan Brown, who said he is looking forward to seeing the campaign come to life.

“I’m really proud to be part of the upcoming Save our Slang campaign and to be a Four’N Twenty brand ambassador,” he said.

Four’N Twenty is owned by Patties Foods which also owns other supermarket food brands including Herbert Adams, Chef’s Pride and Nanna’s.


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