Murray River Organics adds flavour boost to its coconut oil

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 24th July 2019

Murray River Organics (MRO) has launched three flavoured coconut oils under its Pacific Organics brand – Garlic, Chilli and Ginger – providing consumers with an exciting new way to cook with one of the healthiest oils on the market.

While coconut oil has experienced a growth in consumption as consumers have recognised its health credentials, the extension of flavours will inject new appeal into the oils segment and extend usage.

Chief Marketing Officer at MRO, Tara Lordsmith, said coconut oil provides several health benefits such as aiding digestion and boosting immunity.

“There are studies* that have shown coconut oil can raise blood levels of good HDL cholesterol, which is linked to improved metabolic health and a lower risk of heart disease,” said Lordsmith.

“By infusing coconut oil with our Garlic, Chilli and Ginger flavours, we’re giving consumers even more reasons to choose coconut oil for their cooking, marinades and dressings.”

Lordsmith says each flavour has been chosen specifically based on its positive health implications as well as taste.

“Chilli is beneficial to boosting immunity and clearing congestion, garlic contains antioxidants and improves bone health, and ginger assists in treating forms of nausea and lowering blood sugar levels,” said Lordsmith.

“What’s more, coconut oil has a relatively low smoke point compared to other commonly used cooking fats so it’s perfectly suitable for sautéing, baking, roasting, and even frying.”Try roasting potatoes in Garlic Flavoured Coconut Oil, marinating prawns in Chilli Flavoured Coconut Oil and whipping up a stir fry with our Ginger Flavoured Coconut Oil – your taste buds will thank you for it.”