Vegan Kefir Drink

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th December 2019

Melbourne-based artisanal food producer, Gaga’s is thrilled to launch its vegan probiotic beverage – Coconut Mylk Kefir.

Gaga’s Coconut Mylk Kefir is created using simple ingredients and traditional food processing techniques – methods only your grandmother would remember. The delicious fizzy beverage is 100% vegan, certified organic and is a rich source of probiotic microorganisms.

Through the art of fermentation, the all-natural ingredients are slowly transformed into beneficial, gut-loving kefir – a delicious beverage that everyone can enjoy.

Packed with probiotics, kefir works to improve the healthy bacteria ratio in the gut and has been shown to treat, prevent and relieve symptoms of many gut-related ailments.

Gaga’s loves the environment, which is why its Coconut Mylk Kefir drinks are packaged in recyclable aluminium cans wrapped in an epically eye-catching design. The coconut milk used in every can of Gaga’s Coconut Mylk Kefir is sourced from the highest quality organic farms that are Fair Trade certified, which ensures the product is produced as sustainably as possible.

Founded by entrepreneur Blaise Bourke in 2014 at the age of 21, Gaga’s is the product of innovative thinking and a simple ethos to create living nutrient-packed foods that your grandmother would enjoy.

Gaga’s Coconut Mylk Kefir is available in three tantalising blends:

  • Natural
  • Turmeric Chai
  • Vanilla Bean