Not all Aussies will be drinking beer this Christmas, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th December 2016

The Australian Christmas celebration stereotype may be beers on the beach with a BBQ. However, according to the latest Roy Morgan Research, fewer Aussies will be indulging in beer this festive season.

The latest study into Australia’s drinking habits has found nearly half of all adult Australians drink wine at least once a month, whilst only 38.5 per cent drink beer monthly.

Spirits are Australia’s third favourite alcoholic beverage, with 26.2 per cent of adults drinking spirits at least once a month.

Alcohol consumption in Australia – the latest trend statistics



Source: Roy Morgan Liquor Currency Report (Australia), October 2015-September 2016, n=14,489


Australia’s overall consumption remains the same as it did it 2012 with 69.6 per cent of adults drinking some form of alcohol once a month or more.


Types of spirits consumed: men vs women



Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), October 2015-September 2016, n=14,489


While spirits consumption is nowhere near as male-dominated as beer, 31.6 per cent of Australian men are likely to drink spirits monthly, whilst only 20.9 per cent of Australian women are likely to.

If the data on each type of spirit is examined individually, it becomes apparent that this male skew is due to the overwhelming popularity of whisky, bourbon/American whiskey and rum among Aussie men. Vodka and gin, on the other hand, are consumed by more women than men.

Australia’s are diverse drinkers 

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, said alcohol drinkers are diverse with liquor consumption habits often linked to age, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

“Even within a category, such as spirits, there can be considerable variation, as we have seen here,” Morris said.

“Although wine and beer are consumed in much larger volumes by many more Australians, spirits are still an important category in the liquor market. And at special times of year such as the Christmas-New Year period, liquor retailers can expect a surge in sales of these beverages, with customers buying them as gifts (a quick tip: white spirits for the ladies, dark spirits for the blokes!) or for their festive celebrations,” he stated.