VITAL LIFE™ launches VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shot with lactoferrin

Posted by Media Release Agency on 16th April 2020

Now available Australia-wide, VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shot is an innovative new product that delivers lactoferrin, with vitamin C in an effective, delicious and convenient way to support the immune system, every day.

The 5gm liquid honey grab-and-go shot which contains 100mg lactoferrin, 4.8g of wild manuka honey harvested from New Zealand’s South Island and 10mg of Vitamin C make it an easy way to support immunity.

The VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shot integrates seamlessly into your day and offers a very different experience from taking tablets and supplements. Whether taken on their own, or added to breakfast or a smoothie, the easy bend, snap and squeeze shots are safe for people of all ages and walks of life who need to take care of their immune system.

“Our bodies are continuously subject to attack from environmental pathogens. VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shots are a great way to support our immune system defences” says Dr Sonja Kukuljan, a former lecturer in nutrition at Deakin University and Group General Manager of Nutrition at Freedom Foods Group.

The VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shot contains the super ingredient lactoferrin in an ultra-pure (>95%), native form, which preserves lactoferrin’s structure for optimised biological value and function.

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring multifunctional protein that can be found in dairy, and human breast milk where it plays an important role in growth and development.

In the last three years, there has been significant research and innovation driven by Freedom Foods Group in the manufacture of dairy sourced lactoferrin.

VITAL LIFE™ Immune Shot with lactoferrin is available in a seven pack (RRP $29.99), at Chemist Warehouse Online and