Smashed avo on toast may soon become cheaper

Posted by Nicholas Nakos on 8th November 2017

A record avocado harvest in Australia is set to drive prices down for manufacturers and consumers.

Avocados Australia has reported that they expect 75,000 tonnes of avocados to be produced in the 2017/18 financial year.

The popular breakfast accompaniment was in short supply recently, with prices more than $6 per piece in 2016.

The Australian avocado marketing body, The Avolution attributed poor weather and increased demand for the 2016 price hike.

Avocados fetch a high price across the ditch

The imminent price drop in Australia comes after New Zealand avocado growers reported increasing theft of the product in 2017.

The stone fruit has retailed for as much as NZ$7.50 (AUD $6.90), with theft and re-sale proving to be lucrative.

According to the New Zealand Avocado Growers Association, the country’s avocado this year reported its highest ever value of NZ$198 million (AUD $181.6 million).

This figure is up 32 per cent from last season.

New W.A. avocado plantations 

A heap of new avocado plantations particularly in Western Australia is anticipated to hit the market by early 2012.

There is a risk that this could even lead to an avocado glut, unless new markets are found or existing markets expand.

Where will all the extra avocados go?

Avocados are a common breakfast and brunch food, gaining popularity at Australian restaurants over the past few years.

Chief Executive Officer of Avocados Australia John Tyas said production looked set to continue to increase.

“We have seen growth in Australian avocado production pretty much year on year for a couple of decades,” Tyas said.

An oversupply of avocados is expected to drop the unit price of avocados, however Avocado’s Australia is confident it will find new markets for its harvest.

Overseas opportunities exist for exports to Japan, Thailand and China according to Tyas.

“The marketing efforts have gone into encouraging people to use avocados at lots of different meal occasions,” Tyas said.

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