The shift in consumer spending habits amid COVID-19 restrictions

Posted by Media Release Agency on 30th June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people across the globe and for many of us that includes changes to how we work, eat and shop.

As COVID-19 restrictions set in, we saw consumers’ habits change drastically. A common concern within the community was that food and supplies were scarce – and panic buying saw supermarket shelves cleared across the country. This significant change in consumers’ spending habits saw a shift back to long-standing brands that consumers know and trust.

Global yoghurt brand, Yoplait, experienced this first hand in Australia, with a 2.1% volume growth (MAT May 20) versus -6.0% (MAT May 19)[1]. Value data tells a similar story, with the brand experiencing an impressive 1.1% increase versus a decline of -8.3%. same time last year[2].

Out of the 90.7% of Australians who added yoghurt to their baskets during the pandemic, 37.6% of those opted for Yoplait.

Since the start of isolation in Australia, the brand has experienced a 1.9% increase in household penetration, compared to the same timeframe last year[3]. When looking at the AWOP (Average Weight of Purchase) there has been an impressive 400-gram increase on the Yoplait Core range in May 2020, when compared to May 2019[4]. This increase reflects consumers’ desire to purchase larger, better value items that will last longer and reduce the frequency of visits to the supermarket.

Yoplait has stood the test of time. Since the brand’s launch in 1982, it has become a trusted brand that offers great products for the whole family. With its renowned quality, convenient size options and fantastic value for money, the brand continues to enjoy the highest awareness and strongest brand funnel in the yoghurt category.[5]

Lion Dairy & Drinks Marketing and Innovation Director, Darryn Wallace, said he was humbled to see the enduring popularity of the Yoplait range.

“In these times of crisis, we’ve seen a shift in customers choosing brands they know and trust like Yoplait.  We’re incredibly proud of our extensive history in the Australian market, and look forward to offering great value for many years to come,” he said.