Go with your gut and feast on Fodbods

Posted by Media Release Agency on 30th July 2020

Finding a snack you can trust is no piece of cake for one in seven Australians with gut issues. While most sufferers can successfully manage symptoms by following Monash’s low FODMAP diet, the challenge still remains to find easy access to suitable snacks on-the-go.

That’s why Fodbods is providing a healthy, delicious grab-and-go alternative, created for foodies who find seemingly innocent foods such as wheat, onion, garlic, dates and honey an invitation for flare ups.

The range was developed by a former corporate high-flyer and low FODMAP follower Vanessa Hutchinson whose life was completely transformed by the diet, inspiring her to help others make the same change.

“I know how debilitating gut issues can be, but I think a lot of people politely ignore symptoms, not wanting to openly talk about such a taboo topic,” Vanessa says.

“Too many people don’t realise that the symptoms can often be managed by simple diet changes. I noticed there was a distinct lack of healthy FODMAP products on the market for people on the go, and I had to do something about that.”

Filling the gap in the market for healthy and convenient FODMAP-friendly snacks, Fodbods provides a delicious and trustworthy grab-and-go alternative – giving people the confidence they can enjoy snacking that will not cause bloating.

Vanessa says a lack of healthy FODMAP-friendly products for busy people with gut grief was the catalyst to developing the high quality, natural, protein-packed bars.

Fodbods bars are the only certified FODMAP-friendly ones in Australia and include four flavours – Peanut Choc Chunk, Lemon Coconut, Choc Mint and Raspberry Coconut – which are 100 per cent natural, vegan friendly and gluten free, allowing everyone to enjoy a tasty treat without tummy
troubles or bloating.

“Fodbods have no artificial sweeteners and unlike many other natural bars, Fodbods are low in sugar, and the hint of sweetness comes from a dash of organic rice malt syrup,” Vanessa says.

“From crunchy peanut butter to flavours of mint or lemon slice, I wanted Fodbods to be an indulgent yet nutritious and guilt-free snack for all people to enjoy.”

Fodbods are recommended and endorsed by Dietitians nationally including gut health expert Chloe McLeod. Chloe is the Founder of Health and Performance Collective and the Creator of The FODMAP Challenge.

Fodbods products are Australian made from non-GMO ingredients including locally sourced peanuts and almonds, organic coconut oil, raspberries and lemon oil.

More importantly, there’s no need to feign gut issues to enjoy – Fodbods are the perfect healthy snack for everyone. They’re simple, filling and delicious – some even say, addictive.