Take a chill pill: ancient tonics for modern stresses

Posted by Media Release Agency on 17th September 2020

Everything old is new again, as two ancient medicinal herbs used for thousands of years in the traditional medicines of India and the Pacific Islands, form the basis of two thoroughly modern supplements designed to support the sleep and nervous systems, launched by premium vitamin brand, GO Healthy.

GO Ashwagandha 8000+ Stress & Energy 1-A-Day, centres around adaptogen herb Ashwagandha, which has been used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine for more than 6,000 years to help the body deal with stress and promote energy levels and mental clarity; while GO Kava 4,200 1-A-Day, is a once a day, high-strength dose of Kava, a plant which has been used for centuries in Pacific Island medicine as an anxiolytic to soothe and calm nerves, aid mind and body relaxation and induce sleep.

While stress and sleep dysfunction are common issues for many given the challenges around our busy modern lives, Australians are living through one of the most tumultuous periods in living memory, says GO Healthy’s Chief Naturopath, Peta Teuma.

“In the right dose, stress can provide a jolt of motivation to keep us moving along, but given most of us are dealing with unprecedented changes to how we live and work, too much stress, and the unhealthy coping mechanisms that can follow, can lead to heart palpitations, fatigue, sleep disturbance, insomnia, upset stomach, a weakened immune system and much more,” she said.

Stress Less Using Adaptogens
According to Peta, Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which essentially means it helps the body to handle stress. “Adaptogen herbs have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine traditions but they’re having a real renaissance today,” says Peta. “Essentially, they help to bring us back to the middle.”

Peta recommends GO Ashwagandha 8000+ Stress & Energy 1-A-Day (RRP: 60 VegeCaps for $34.99) for a high-dose hit of the Indian wonder herb, to not only support the body in dealing with stress, but to boost energy, stamina, memory and mental recall.”

The new supplement is also combined with Vitamin B5 to support energy levels, energy production and to assist the body to cope with environmental stress; as well as Siberian Ginseng, another adaptogen that supports physical stamina.

Take a chill pill – literally, with GO Kava 4,200 1-A-Day (RRP: $34.99 for 60 VegeCaps) Kava has a long history of use in Pacific Islander traditional medicine, typically consumed as a drink made from the mashed roots of the Kava plant. It is used to help soothe nerves, relieve anxiety and to promote relaxation and sleep.

“According to previous studies, at least 60 percent of Australians report at
least one sleep symptom occurring three or more times a weeki, including trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early,” says Peta. “Add to that the additional stress and worry most people are experiencing right now, and my guess would be that the stats would now be even higher than that.

“We know that stress feeds into poor sleep and vice versa, and while taking Kava might seem a little different to some, it’s therapeutic effect is backed by science and attributed to six major compounds called kavalactones,” she said.

These kavalactones have been shown to interact with dopamine and serotonin to slow down the central nervous system and promote relaxation and a sense of calm on the body and brain, supporting sleep. “A systematic review of research also shows that Kava is an effective shortterm natural supplement for low mood,” says Peta.