Aussies continue to drink beer during winter, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th June 2016

Cold beer usually goes hand-and-hand with summer but at least 38.1 per cent of Australians continue to drink beer every month no matter the weather, says new data from Roy Morgan Research.

Three-quarters of these beer drinkers are men, with women more partial to drinking wine.

According to Roy Morgan Research, in the 12 months ended March 2016, 5.3 million Australian men drank at least some type of beer in an average four-week period. Comparatively, 1.7 million women drank beer within a four-week period.

‘Standard beer’ (not premium or imported) was the most popular type of beer, drunk by 47.6 per cent of men. Approximately 37 per cent of men drank premium or imported beer and full-strength was by-far more popular than mid or low strength beer.

More than three-quarters of men say they consume both standard and premium or imported beers in an average four weeks.

Incidence and type of beer consumed: Australian men vs women








Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2015–March 2016 (n=15,135). Base: Australians 18+


Ten most popular brands of beer among Australian men








Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2015–March 2016 (n=2,838).


Roy Morgan Research Industry Communications Director, Norman Morris, said the data confirmed how much Australian men really love their beer.

“Less predictably, no specific brand of beer stands out as a clear favourite,” Morris said.

“With an ever-increasing selection of beers on the market, things have changed dramatically since back in 2007, when VB dominated as the beer of choice for one in five Australian men, and Corona didn’t even feature among the top 10.”

This latest research follows on from Roy Morgan Research data reported in Australian Food News in April 2016 which distilled Australia’s drinking habits into 100 glasses.