UP&GO reveals the lengths dairy-free Aussies would go to for their fix

Posted by Media Release Agency on 29th October 2020

A whopping three quarters of dairy-free Aussies (72%) have revealed they would be willing to give up something they love for a whole week if it meant they could enjoy their favourite dairy products without fear of suffering for it later.

According to new research from Australian brand, Sanitarium UP&GO*, of the dairy-free Australians who would be willing to give something up, 60% claimed they’d be give up coffee and more than half (54%) would sacrifice their favourite TV/Netflix show – just for a dairy fix.

Furthermore, according to the research, seven in ten (71%) revealed their suspicion that people think they are actually lying about their need to be dairy free.

Sadly, a number of Aussies report their dairy-free lifestyle has affected their social life with almost a quarter (24%) admitting they have eaten dairy while out in public, just to hide their dairy free needs, with one in four (25%) admitting to suddenly having to bail on friends.

UP&GO commissioned the research to highlight the impact living a dairy-free lifestyle has on Australians, following a huge number of requests from consumers for a dairy-free variant of their iconic product. 

To engage with the passionate consumers who have actively been demanding a dairy-free alternative, UP&GO created a first-of-its-kind ‘Brains Trust’ to put the power in the hands of consumers, seeking input to help create a product they have been craving to buy and enjoy. Following months of discussions, 3,500 Brains Trust members helped make key decisions for the new dairy-free product, from the variant name to the pack design and colour palette.

Jaemes Tipple, Senior Brand Manager, Sanitarium responded to the findings and creating the brand’s first ever people-powered dairy-free solution.  

“While it’s known that more and more Aussies are turning to dairy-free lifestyles either out of necessity or out of choice, our research brought to life some hard-hitting realities of what it means to be someone who follows a dairy-free lifestyle today. With our new UP&GO Dairy-Free, they don’t need to compromise; it contains all the goodness of original UP&GO and the same great taste.”

The launch of UP&GO Dairy Free comes at a time when Aussies are increasingly looking for plant-based alternatives for their favourite foods. Trish Guy APD, Senior Dietitian, Sanitarium Health Food Company says:

“Our team of dietitians have worked really hard to create a nutritious, on-the-go solution to help give our dairy free pals the fix they crave.

“UP&GO Dairy Free has retained all the nutritional benefits in the original UP&GO and is packed with nutrients, including protein, fibre, 10 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin B12, which are important nutrients for people following a dairy free/plant based diet. This makes it a great low GI option for busy mornings and active lifestyles. Plus, it’s also gluten free,” said Trish Guy.

UP&GO Dairy Free is available now in two flavours; Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice, in leading supermarkets.