Panko Crumbs are the fun shortcut to add flavour and crunch to everyday meals

Posted by Media Release Agency on 27th November 2020

If you want to change up your regular weekday meals and add more-than-a-little crunch and flavour, look no further than Table of Plenty’s Panko Crumbs. The crunchier, healthier and tastier alternative to breadcrumbs.

Panko crumbs are crispier and absorb less oil than breadcrumbs, which not only makes them healthier but also gives them the versatility to be added to a variety of cooking methods including frying, baking, binding and roasting. Table of Plenty has also added their own blend of herbs and spices so that Panko Crumbs impart flavour as well as texture.

The range comprises two flavours – Italian Herb Blend and Deep South Cajun – both thoughtfully developed to create a flavour profile to spice up regular meals.

Panko Crumbs can be used to coat meat, seafood and vegetables before frying, sprinkled over lasagne and eggplant parmigiana or added to meatballs.

Table of Plenty founder Kate Weiss said Panko Crumbs were created to make everyday cooking something to celebrate. Like all Table of Plenty products, the Panko Crumbs were born from Kate’s passion for helping Australians serve up easy, time-efficient meals to be proud of.

Available as individual serves of 30 grams, the Panko Crumbs are made from all-natural ingredients with no bulkers or fillers and are inspired by a Japanese technique of crumbing. They’re sure to be a new family favourite.

“I created the Panko Crumb range to add zest to meals that would traditionally call for plain breadcrumbs.

“Panko Crumbs are better than breadcrumbs because they are lighter and have a crispier texture when cooked. They come in a resealable bag for easy storage and longevity – just take what you need and leave them in a cool place until your next crunchy feast.

“They have their own subtle taste so you have a flavour base built into your crumbs. From there it’s up to you – add more spice to pack a punch or keep things simple for a mild dish that still sings when you bite in.

“The Italian Herb Blend is perfect for Mediterranean cooking – my kids love it in meatballs and sprinkled on mushrooms before they’re grilled. The Deep South Cajun mix gives a gentle heat to the Panko Crumbs, a perfect addition to fried meals like tempura prawns, cheesy potato bakes and hand cut chips,” Kate said.

Get excited about your dinner and see how many ways Table of Plenty’s Panko Crumbs can be used to add zest and crunch to your culinary repertoire. Table of Plenty’s Panko Crumb range is now available at Woolworths in the spices section for RRP $4.50.