Australians turn to online shopping for Easter Eggs

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 10th April 2017

More Australians are purchasing their Easter chocolates online according to new research released by Australia Post.

The study find Australians will spend and an average of AUD $72 online on chocolate and other similar sweet treats this Easter.

Australia Post says the trend towards buying more Easter treats online follows Australia’s general increasing interest in online shopping in general, with its research finding a 11.5 per cent increase in online purchasing over the past 12 months.

General Manager for eCommerce at Australia Post, Ben Franzi, said Australians like to shop online because of a number of factors.

“Australians love a bargain and love online shopping because of price, choice and convenience – those are the factors that are really driving online purchases this Easter,” Franzi said.

Australia Post’s survey of 2, 000 of its customers found that a third of respondents would buy an item online this Easter to either avoid crowds (41 per cent of respondents), convenience (39 per cent of respondents) and access to better prices (38 per cent of respondents).

Chocolate not the only gift option at Easter

Food is not the only purchase Australians will make this Easter, with the average shopper spending AUD $90 on other gifts such as books, homewares and fashion items.

According to NAB’s Online Retail Sales Index, in the 12 months to December 2016, Australians online retail market was worth AUD $21.6 billion. Approximately 80 per cent of all purchases were from businesses located within Australia.

Easter online shopping case study – Haigh’s Chocolate

Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker, Haigh’s Chocolate, says it has experienced steady sales growth since it opened its online store in October in 2014.

Haigh’s spokesperson, Friona Krawczyk, said online sales peaked one week before Good Friday.

“Interestingly Queensland, where we do not have a physical store, has become our third largest online market,” Krawczyk said.


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