Get cosy with a cannabis-infused tipple this Autumn

Posted by Media Release Agency on 16th February 2021

Autumn is almost upon us, and Australians will soon bid farewell to the longer days and balmy weather for another year. As we move away from the fruity flavours of summer, The Cannabis Company’s Myrcene Hemp Gin is the perfect, feel-good spirit to warm us up in the cooler months.

Small-batch distilled in Healesville, Victoria, The Myrcene hemp gin is made with 100% Australian grown, organic Cannabis Sativa plant, grown in the pristine Tasmanian hinterland. Terpenes are added into the pot to create a highly aromatic and flavour-rich juice, increasing the breadth of flavours on the palate compared to many traditional gins. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in the seed and leaves of many species of Cannabis Sativa and Indica species.

The result is a delicious symphony of fifteen hand-selected traditional gin ingredients, including juniper, orris, angelica, rosemary, sage, lavender, all delicately balanced with a soft touch of myrcene.

There is a growing body of evidence pointing to the therapeutic benefits of various terpenes with a number demonstrating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Myrcene, added into The Myrcene Hemp Gin, has a pungent, earthy aroma that makes this gin truly unique.

The world’s first hemp gin distilled with terpenes has developed cult status since it first went on sale in 2018, and was the first cannabis spirit to win a silver medal and global recognition at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2019.

“The Myrcene Hemp Gin has become a staple spirit for so many households, and the feedback we constantly receive about the beverage is nothing short of amazing,” said Alexandra Poznyak, Managing Director of Treeline Beverages, a division of The Cannabis Company.

“The cannabis sativa plant is one of the world’s most restorative botanicals, used by healers for thousands of years. We’re excited to offer a drink that not only tastes good, but also does good, using some of the world’s best quality hemp grown right here in Australia,” she continued.

The Cannabis Company is Australia’s leading destination for locally-made, organic cannabis and hemp products. Working to shift the sometimes negative perceptions of the cannabis plant, the company is constantly developing innovative products to reintroduce Australians to the cannabis plant.

“We are on a mission to promote the natural healing power of the cannabis plant, challenging the orthodox principles of the big pharmaceutical companies, and Western medicine,” commented Ms. Poznyak.

The Myrcene Hemp Gin is perfect paired with premium tonic, poured over a wedge of lemon with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

To experience the piney aromas of the Myrcene Hemp Gin, here are some other simple recipes you can try at home this Autumn:

Green Dear Myrcene


● 50ml The Cannabis Company’s Myrcene Hemp Gin

● 30ml St. Germain

● 30ml lemon

● 5ml honey

● Big sprig of fresh rosemary

● Muddled cucumber


Pour all ingredients into a shaker and muddle with cucumber. Shake well and pour in a Collins glass with a double strain. Garnish with sliced cucumber, mint leaf, dried lime and black pepper on top.

Myrcene Negroni


● 30ml The Cannabis Company’s Myrcene Hemp Gin

● 25ml Sweet Vermouth

● 15ml Okar Amaro

● 2 x dashes Angostura Bitters

● 1 x dashes Orange Bitters


Burn up a cinnamon stick and fill the glass with that smoke! Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, stir with ice and pour into an old fashion glass. Serve with a twist of orange on top, alongside the burnt cinnamon stick.

The Myrcene Hemp Gin 700mL is available in VIC at Dan Murphy’s Brighton store, and Australia-wide online at Dan Murphy’s and The Myrcene Hemp Gin is not intended to be, or consumed as, a medicinal product.