Perfection Fresh launches ‘non-browning’ apple

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 2nd May 2008

Australian fresh produce marketing company, Perfection Fresh, has secured the exclusive rights for Australia to market a new premium apple, EnchantedTM, developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) as part of the Australian National Apple Breeding Program. Perfection Fresh supply manager – fruit, Phil Butler said the natural non-browning characteristics of EnchantedTM set it apart, presenting a valuable marketing edge with which to enter the competitive Australian apple market.

“Perfection Fresh has been looking for an apple with a difference – not a commodity line – and EnchantedTM has the right characteristics for an exciting new apple line,” Mr Butler said.

He said, after having been awarded the marketing rights for EnchantedTM, Sydney-based Perfection Fresh would actively develop the EnchantedTM brand – initially in Western Australia and then nationally.

The apple was developed by DAFWA, as part of the Australian National Apple Breeding Program which has been funded by the State of Western Australia since its inception, with investment from the Federal Government and the Australian apple and pear levy through Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL). It is one of the results from a cross between varieties Lady Williams and Golden Delicious and is currently grown in Manjimup, in Western Australia’s south-west.

“The key aim of the commercialisation is to appoint a variety development manager – for both the variety and the fruit – who will actively manage and develop the brand in Australia to maximise benefits for the Australian industry,” Director of Horticulture, DAFWA, Terry Hill said.

The late-season fruit has an eye-catching bright pinkish-red skin. It is oblong in shape, medium-sized with a fresh, crisp, well balanced eating style, a firm, fine texture, pure white flesh and thin skin.

“Unlike other apples which oxidise relatively soon after being cut, EnchantedTM retains a clean white flesh for much longer, which makes it ideal for slicing and use by the foodservice industry and processing sectors and great for salads and children’s lunchboxes,” Mr Butler said.

Small volumes of the first EnchantedTM are expected to go to market in Western Australia in early May, appearing in independent retailers in the Perth region. The fruit will be distributed via Perfection Fresh’s stand at Perth’s Canning Vale markets.

Mr Butler said the fruit was expected to become progressively available in all states, in line with Perfection Fresh’s growth strategy for the line.

While Perfection Fresh has provided sliced apples for 18 months and fresh commodity apples for five years, EnchantedTM is the first specialty apple the company has marketed.