Wine and chocolate to create taste sensation

Posted by Isobel Drake on 14th May 2008

Swiss based food manufacturer Barry Callebaut, a world leading manufacturer of high quality cocoa and chocolate products, has successfully completed research to discover the potential for a tasty chocolate and wine combination to be created. Origin chocolates, which are made with beans harvested in only one country resulting in very distinctive flavours, were the basis of the experiments.

The rapid rise in interest in origin chocolates, each with its own unique and delicate flavor palette, creates new possibilities for combinations between wine and chocolate according to Barry Callebaut.

In order to take full advantage of the subtle and surprising flavors of these tempting chocolates, harmonious or contrasting combinations were sought with classic wines from every corner of the world.

Hans Vriens, Chief Innovation Officer at Barry Callebaut, explained that the wine and chocolate combination appeared to be a logical match. “Nowadays, we have come to enjoy chocolate the way we do fine wine. Like wine, Barry Callebaut’s origin chocolates are very much a reflection of the specific cocoa varieties and the unique soil and weather conditions in which they are grown,” he said. “The broad spectrum of expressive flavors resulting in these fine chocolates is enhanced even further when accompanied by the world’s finest wines.”

As a result of the delectable exercise, the origin chocolates were classified into three flavor groups: mild, strong and powerful. Specific wines were then linked to these flavor groups. The combination apparently yielded “pure splendor, heavenly harmonies and surprising contrasts”. More information on the combinations can be found here.