ACCC aligns with CAV to improve consumer protection

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 19th May 2008

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Consumer Affairs Victoria was signed in Melbourne today by ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, and Consumer Affairs Victoria Director, Dr David Cousins.

“The MOU reflects the spirit of collaboration between the two agencies and demonstrates the commitment of both organisations to work together to ensure consumers and traders are aware of their rights and responsibilities under fair trading and consumer protection laws, and that any breaches of the law will be vigorously pursued,” Mr Samuel said.

“The agreement sets out a framework for cooperation between the two agencies which best serves the interests of consumers and promotes fair trading and active competition across jurisdictions.”

The signing of the agreement was welcomed by Mr Samuel who congratulated CAV for being the first agency to reinforce its commitment to work actively with the ACCC.

“Under the MOU, the two consumer agencies have agreed to consult each other in relation to recent judgments, current law reform, policy issues, news releases, joint publications and stakeholder groups. It also enables the agencies to work together on joint strategies, taskforces and investigations.

“The ACCC already enjoys a positive working relationship with CAV, meeting regularly to exchange information and cooperate on compliance, education and enforcement activities.”

During the signing, each agency announced new tools to assist consumers and small businesses. The ACCC launched an online tool, the Consumer and Business Directory.

“The CBD is a one-stop shop for Australians to get the information they need to resolve consumer or small business problems. It allows visitors to the ACCC website to find the most appropriate organisation to help them with inquiries or complaints. A link to this new tool has been provided on the CAV website.”