Free industry guide aims to help eliminate food safety hazards from manufacturing

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 4th June 2008

Food safety hazards, identification and control are the focus of the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety 2008/09 produced by Pro-Visual Publishing in collaboration with Food Science Australia.

The guide both aims to assist food manufacturing businesses eliminate food safety hazards from the production process while carrying advertising of relevant suppliers to the safety industry, whose revenue means the Guide can be provided free to food manufacturers.

“Identification and management of food safety hazards are critically important to food manufacturers because only known hazards can be controlled.  If potential food safety hazards go unidentified in a process then the consumer may be at risk,” said Cathy Moir, Research Team Leader, Food Microbiology at Food Science Australia.

“Resources such as the Food Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety are a valuable tool in keeping the food manufacturing industry informed about producing safe food. It provides an effective channel to keep food safety messages ever present in the workplace.

“The colourful layout of the Guide attracts attention and its durability ensures its continued display in the workplace for a full twelve months. The language used is simple to understand and the concepts easily implemented.”

The Guide explains the process of creating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans using a step-by-step process complete with a quick-reference flow diagram, which can be used to easily determine when and how to use Critical Control Points (CCP).

Designed to be displayed on the wall where it can be referred to on a daily basis, the Guide is an effective way of ensuring staff are constantly reminded.

Over 5,200 copies of the Guide are sent to all food manufacturing organisations in Australia during May.