Meatworks manager leaves in wake of Woolies lamb recall

Posted by Editorial on 11th June 2008

The manager of the Cootamundra abattoir blamed for the recall of lamb products at Woolworths last week has left the company.

Woolworths were forced to recall thousands of lamb products last Friday as a precautionary measure due to a strange odour emanating from the product upon opening. The blame was attributed to the GM Scott abbatoir in Cootamundra with some lamb product exposed to vapours from the resurfacing of the floor at the facility.

The recall accounted for approximately four per cent of Woolworths national weekly lamb volume and results on the laboratory testing of the products are not yet known.

The manager of the abattoir, Arthur Cullen, has reportedly resigned in the wake of the scandal, however, ABC reports that Mr Cullen may in fact have been sacked. Mr Cullen claims to be the scapegoat for the company, according to the ABC.

GM Scott director Peter Noble, meanwhile, has disputed the claims by indicating that Mr Cullen left on his own terms. “I think it’s very unfortunate that he says this, the truth is he tendered his resignation and we as a team here, reluctantly accepted it,” he told the ABC.