Pillow-pack machine to roll out 400 products a minute

Posted by Isobel Drake on 11th June 2008

A new horizontal pillow-pack machine Pack-401 by Tevopharm for use with confectionery and food products can produce an output of up to 400 products per minute and provide optional integration of Delta robots or other feeding modules.Tevopharm and Doboy, two Bosch Packaging Technology companies, are extending their range of horizontal pillow-pack machines for the confectionery and food sectors by introducing the Pack-401. The new machine is reportedly suitable for packaging products in trays, such as baked goods, stacked biscuits, crackers, confectionery items and frozen products.

The reliable cantilever design of feeder, longitudinal and transverse sealing allows for excellent overview during operation and facilitates access for cleaning, according to Bosch. The machine is also available as a stainless steel version for applications with special hygiene requirements such as frozen and chilled food products. Its’ design enables integration with other packaging systems such as Delta Robots or it can operate as a “stand alone”.

Bosch claim that the Pack-401 is suitable for three-shift operation and achieves medium to high operating speeds for output levels of 20 to 400 products per minute or a film speed of up to 80 meters per minute.

As current market conditions dictate shorter product life cycles, the flexibility rate of manufacturing machines is becoming increasingly important and the Bosch believe the machine could address some of these concerns.