“Buy West, Eat Best” program garners support

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 16th July 2008

More than 50 Western Australian food companies have now signed up to the State Government’s labelling program, which promotes local food products to West Australian consumers. A logo is now seen on a range of produce in supermarket shelves to highlight to consumers that it is from WA.

Agriculture and Food Minister, Kim Chance, has outlined his excitement about the strong support for ‘Buy West, Eat Best’ exhibited by WA companies and consumers alike. “Since the launch to consumers in May, the appearance of the unique green Buy West, Eat Best logo on supermarket shelves across the State has increased significantly,” Mr Chance said at The Good Food and Wine Show. “I am particularly pleased to see that the State’s major grocery retailers including Coles, Woolworth’s, IGA and a number of independent supermarket chains have signed up in support of the program, which has resulted in more than 200 retail outlets throughout the State supporting the Buy West, Eat Best campaign.”

Mr Chance added that it was vital consumers had an understanding of where their food was coming from so that they could have more confidence in the food they were purchasing. “Knowing where your food comes from is important and I encourage consumers to look for the Buy West, Eat Best logo in their local retail outlet,” he advised. “The ‘Buy West, Eat Best’, logo guarantees for consumers that the food product has been grown, farmed or fished in WA.”

“When looking at processed foods, the main ingredients must meet the same requirements as fresh foods, and the goods also have to be processed in the State.”

More information on the criteria of the program, the marketing support and how to register is available at: http://www.buywesteatbest.wa.gov.au.