Trendsetting energy and health drinks to be found at Fine Food

Posted by Editorial on 2nd September 2008

“Health and energy drinks represent one of the fastest growing segments in the retail drink sector so, it is not surprising that this interest has been mirrored by an increased presence of exhibitors with these drinks at Fine Food – Australia’s largest food industry exhibition,” said Fine Food, Exhibition Manager, Minnie Constan.

“Fine Food has always been at the leading edge in launching new products to the market and this year the prevalence of so-called super fruits like pomegranate, açai, cranberry and goji berries as fortified additives to every day drinks is testament to the momentum driving this health/energy drink phenomenon,” Ms Constan added.

At Fine Food, Australia’s largest exhibition for the food industry, there are numerous examples of these new drinks being presented to food retailers.

Energy Boosters
• Bad Boy 20ml Energy Shot with extracts of guarana, açai, catuaba and marapuana – promises energy, alertness and focus with no crash or jitters
• Bad Girl Turbo – instant energy in a 10ml bottle. (Bad Boy Trading)
• Bomba Energy Drink is packed full of so many energy stimulants it comes in a grenade shaped bottle. Ingredients include guarana extract, inosit, caffeine, niacin, pantothenic acid, taurine, vitamin B2, B6, B12, C and E. (Nu-Pure)
• Green U is a caffeine-free lemon-lime green tea energy drink with EGCG power, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin C and is all natural and preservative free (Coffee & Beverage Innovations)
• AntiOx 90ml shot of mangosteen and pomegranate for antioxidants
(Vitality Brands Worldwide)
• Malunggay is the dried leaf of Moringa Oleifera and consumed as a tea-like drink, it is a natural energy booster loaded with vitamins and amino acids. (Elitepak)

Water Plus
• Aqua Pura Vitamin h20 has the nasties taken out through reversed osmosis and contains 25% of recommended dietary intake of vitamins B3, 6, 12 and C in one bottle. Each flavour has another additive: Cranberry Pomegranate DEFENCE has added antioxidants; Lemon Lime ENERGY has added Ginseng; Peach BALANCE has added Magnesium, Potassium and Iron and Apple Guava BODY has added fibre. (Bickfords)
• Nutrient Water Rehab contains super fruits açai and goji berry and is naturally flavoured with pomegranate and a blend of berries. (Nutrient Water)
• EVA – Life Mineralised Water is fresh spring water blended with magnesium and bicarbonate. (EVA – Life Australia)

Super Fruit Drinks
• Rosie – a cranberry juice with sweet apples to temper the tartness of the cranberries. (Nudie Foods)
• Yumberry Organic Yangmei Juice from 100% concentrate helps digestion and contains antioxidants. (Shanghai Yumberry Foods)
• Jefi Hana Fruit Drink (‘hana’ is ‘flower’ in Japanese), a fruit based drink with the aromatic fragrance of flowers, free from artificial colouring, preservatives and contains vitamins B5, 6 and 12. (Jeenhuat Foodstuffs)

Pure Water
• SoH20 bottled at the Blue Spring in NZ – “One of the best natural sources of water in the world.” (Source Direct)
• Mount Warning Spring Water from beneath the base of Mount Warning near Byron Bay competes with the best for purity, taste and quality.
• Good Vibes for You is an independently owned Australian company with spring water, crystal clear, sweet tasting, pure and chemical free from underground springs.
• Masafi premium bottled mineral water from rich underground springs in Masafi a mountainous region in the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah ( UAE)

These are only examples of the hundreds of new products on display and there for the tasting by food industry buyers and professionals. The show will run from the 22nd till the 25th of September at Melbourne’s Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Those seeking to visit the show should head to to register (restricted to members of retail, hospitality, liquor and foodservice industries).