Ingredients defined: Campbell introduces new soups with wordier labels

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 5th September 2008

To tap into the growing number of consumers seeking more information about what is in their food, Campbell Soup Company is to launch a new range of soups with ingredients that are instantly recognisable and labels designed to outline cleanly and simply what is and isn’t in each product.

According to recent research by the Hartman Group more than half of consumers are now more likely to read label information because they’re curious about what’s in their food. Further, a Nielsen study discovered nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) of American consumers say they notice nutritional information on food packaging more often now compared to two years ago.

The Nielsen Company also discovered that, while two-thirds (67 per cent) of US consumers claim to “mostly” understand the nutritional information on food packaging, less than half (44 per cent) of global consumers suggest they do – but this figure is set to escalate.

“As obesity rates continue to rise globally and with lifestyle-related heart disease the number one killer worldwide today, there is increasing pressure on the food industry to play a greater role in educating consumers about what they’re eating,” noted Deepak Varma, Senior Vice President at Nielsen Customized Research. “Given that so many consumers are taking time to read nutrition labels, there is also a marketing opportunity for food manufacturers to provide consumer-friendly information on labels that may entice shoppers to switch brands at the point of purchase.” Campbell, a world leading manufacturer famous for leading brands like 'Arnott's', 'V8' and 'Campbell's', reports that the new product range is part of their strategy shift to become more focused on healthier products. "The new Select Harvest line is an important step in the company's journey in offering delicious soups made from high-quality ingredients that are familiar and desirable to families who enjoy our soups," claimed Colin Watts, General Manager, Campbell Soup Company. "These new soups also demonstrate our continued commitment to reducing sodium, with each of the 44 soups meeting the government's healthy sodium guidelines. You can expect more in the way of cleaner, simpler labels and lower sodium products." For ingredients that may be unfamiliar to people, Campbell has clearly explained what the ingredient is on the label. For example, maltodextrin, which is a carbohydrate made from potato or corn starch, is singled out and defined next to the overall ingredient list. In a sign of the times, the company has not only made the labels simpler and the ingredients more natural, but also made the product 'greener' thanks to the use of 75 per cent recycled paper for labels and soy ink.