Germany’s Kaufland supermarket further explores entry into Australia

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 15th March 2017

Germany’s Kaufland supermarket chain has confirmed it is considering entering into Australia and is undertaking feasibility studies.

The ‘hypermarket’ chain has established an Australian website it is using to ask property owners and real estate agents to reach out if they have any suitable property Kaufland could use.

Property requirements include minimum sizing for 10, 000m2 and 200-300 parking spaces.

Kaufland is also using the website to advertise jobs including Property Developer, Architectural Planning, Letting Manager and Administrative Assistant.

Explaining why it is considering entering Australia, Kaufland said it is a “growth-oriented corporation continually assessing our expansion possibilities in existing and potential markets.”

“With this in mind we are currently conducting a feasibility study by analysing the Australian market,” the supermarket stated.

About Kaufland

Kaufland is owned by the Schwarz Gruppe, a privately-operated German company which also owns discount German supermarket chain, Lidl.

The company is headquartered in Neckarsulm , Germany and the first Kaufland store was opened in Neckarsulm in 1984. It describes itself as the world’s fourth largest retailer and stocks up to 60, 000 product lines.

Kaufland currently has more than 1, 230 stores across Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia. It employs approximately 150, 000 employees.

What is a Kaufland ‘hypermarket’ like?

Alongside the usual supermarket staples and alcohol, Kaufland also sells general goods such as electronics, describing itself as a “hypermarket”. It has been compared to Australian chains like Woolworths’ Big W and Wesfarmers K-mart.


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