Oprah ventures into supermarket foods with Kraft Heinz

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 14th August 2017

Oprah Winfrey is making her first foray into supermarket foods with help from Kraft Heinz.

Oprah’s food range will be called ‘O, That’s Good!’ and includes four refrigerated pre-made soups and four refrigerated pre-made savoury sides.

Oprah established a new company named Mealtime Stories to enter into a joint venture with Kraft Heinz to create O, That’s Good! The range will start appearing in American supermarkets in October 2017. There is no announced plan to start selling the range in Australia. .

O, That’s Good! has a a focus on producing comfort food with a health twist. One of the side dishes, mashed potatoes, will replace some potatoes with cauliflower, whilst the range’s Broccoli Cheddar soup will use butternut squash to replace some cheese.

In announcing O, That’s Good! Oprah said she was approached by Kraft Heinz to create the range.

“This product line is real, delicious food with a twist,” Oprah said.

“You’ll feel good about serving it for your family.”

Oprah has committed 10 per cent of all Mealtime Stories’ profits to charitable organisations; Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America. The Kraft Heinz Company Foundation intends to make annual donations on behalf of Mealtime Stories to these charities until the joint venture becomes profitable.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Innovation and Research and Development at Kraft Heinz US, Nina Barton, said Kraft Heinz is thrilled to bring a collective vision to life.

“With Oprah’s partnership, we’re delivering unbeatable taste and quality that is sure to please everyone at the table,” Barton said.

Is Oprah the next food industry giant?

Although this is Oprah’s first attempt at supermarket food, she has previously involved herself in the outskirts of the food industry, acquiring a 10 per cent stake in weight loss program, Weight Watchers, in 2015. Oprah is currently an American spokesperson for Weight Watchers, but its branding will not appear on O, That’s Good!


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