Innovative technology to facilitate greater connection with consumers

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 8th September 2008

New technology will provide manufacturers with the potential to provide consumers with extra information at the point of purchase. Consumers will be able to use their mobile phone to scan the package and access a wide range of information from in-store promotions to ingredient information and product surveys.

The Graphic Packaging Corporation has launched the ‘Snap2C’ portfolio of paperboard package enhancements and claims the technology will integrate the promotional effectiveness of package billboards with mobile technology.

Using camera-equipped cell phones and interactive mobile technology, shoppers can scan on-pack graphics and codes to immediately access in-store promotions as well as download songs, videos, ring tones or special movie previews. Consumers can also participate in sweepstakes entries, loyalty program points, product surveys, event marketing, or get answers to product questions via this new form of mobile marketing.According to Charles Brignac, marketing manager of retail packaging solutions at Graphic Packaging, “using Snap2C enhancements on product packaging creates a breakthrough in delivering promotional messages directly to consumers”. “There are three billion mobile phones in the world. There are 2.5 times more cell phones than Internet connections. This means today’s consumers of all ages increasingly use mobile data communication for quick and easy access to information,” he said.

Applying Snap2C mobile marketing enhancements “outside of the box” adds innovation value to conventional carton graphics and excitement to the shopping experience and possibly provide a point of difference for brands, according to the packaging firm.

The first commercial application of the technology was announced last week, with a chicken company (Springer Mountain Farms) to enable consumers to check recipe ingredients while shopping, call a product information hotline, or register to have a Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Cookbook emailed to their home computer.

“By scanning Mobile Tags printed on specially marked Springer Mountain Farms packages, shoppers can link to the Springer Mountain Farms website to review recipes to be sure they have everything needed to cook the meal before leaving the store,” Mr Brignac reported. “With today’s high gas prices and limited time, consumers want new tools to make their shopping trips more productive and reduce the travel required to return for missed items.”

“These packaging applications are only the beginning of what is possible with the new marketing channel,” Brignac concluded.