Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs given all clear in Hong Kong

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 2nd October 2008

Cadbury’s Chocolate Eclairs, withdrawn from Australian shelves on Monday, have been found to be safe by the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety but the precautionary recall remains in place until Australian results come through.

The confectionery giant announced a recall of their Chocolate Eclairs product – the only Cadbury product sold in Australia that is made at their Chinese plant – after concerns about the level of melamine were established.

“We have received preliminary results that have cast doubt on the integrity of our chocolate products manufactured in our Beijing plant, that is, they have indicated positive for melamine,” Cadbury advised in a statement on Monday. “We do not yet know the source or extent of contamination and further tests are being carried out.”

Melamine has been at the centre of a food safety scandal in China and has been linked to the tragic deaths of four babies and the illness of 54,000 infants.

The precautionary recall issued by Cadbury only affected one product – Chocolate Eclairs (180G) – and all other Cadbury products, which do not use any Chinese dairy products, are safe.

Australian test results on the Chocolate Eclairs are still pending.

Since the scandal broke three products have been withdrawn from sale in Australia: White Rabbit Creamy Candy, Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs and Lotte Koala Biscuits. The only confirmed finding of melamine was in White Rabbit Creamy Candies, with other recalls precautionary as product tests continue to be carried out by FSANZ. To keep up-to-date with the situation in Australia please go to: