Vegemite reaches billion jar milestone

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 6th October 2008

Vegemite, the iconic Australian product owned by Kraft, has sent the one billionth jar down the production line some 85 years after its launch.

The product was created by Chemist Dr Cyril P Callister back in 1922 and first hit retailers’ shelves the following year. The product was not immediately embraced by Australians, however, with a name change to Parwill – a play on the name of the similar English product Marmite – in 1928 designed to boost its flagging fortunes.

Parwill was only ever seen in Queensland and the Kraft Walker Cheese Company soon reverted back to the original name of Vegemite, with sales beginning to blossom in the 1930s and 40s. Since then the product has been a part of the daily routine of many Australians and linked to the famous ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ jingle.

To celebrate the occasion Kraft will be touring the nation with a commemorative billionth jar made out of precious metals including gold and silver, as well as running ‘The Ultimate Australian Dream’ promotion. The commemorative jar, designed by RMIT University student Nicole Polentas, has an estimated value of $30,000.