Burger King’s “Whopper Bar” concept gets the go ahead

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 20th October 2008

Burger King Corp., America’s second largest burger chain, has announced plans to introduce the world’s first Whopper Bar at Universal City Walk in Orlando, in the Spring of 2009. The new concept is a condensed and more contemporary version of the typical Burger King restaurant and was initially announced in March 2008.

The ‘bars’ will be increasingly rolled out over the next 6-12 months as the company looks to find a way to get into areas where a normal Burger King outlet would not be feasible. It boasts a smaller footprint, a modern look and feel and an area to encourage customers to customize their orders. The menu will focus on the iconic Whopper and offer a number of special renditions of the signature burger.

“The Whopper Bar concept is ground-breaking for Burger King Corp. because it allows us to tap into new channels and reach customers in places where we traditionally found it difficult to operate,” said Chuck Fallon, president, North America, Burger King Corp. “By signing the agreement to open the first Whopper Bar we are blazing a new path for the company.”

The company has had success with the slogan of ‘Have It Your Way’ in the US, which allowed consumers to alter traditional burgers to suit themselves. The Whopper Bar idea is designed to take this notion to the next level, with a more exciting experience for the customer slated as a desired outcome.

“This striking concept is a new generation of Burger King restaurants,” said Russ Klein, president, global marketing, strategy and innovation, Burger King Corp. “It’s focused on serving the original ‘Have It Your Way’ burger in a forward-looking format designed for today’s on-the-go burger lover.”

The concept has been five years in the making.