New technology expected to improve resealable packaging

Posted by Editorial on 12th November 2008

Zip-Pak, a global leader in building brands through resealable packaging, has launched new technology which will enable greater differentiation amongst manufacturers.

The ZIP-PAK TopZip Jr. retrofit system, launched at PACK EXPO International 2008, is economical, upgradeable and has a smaller footprint than traditional stand-alone zipper applicators. These benefits allow companies in emerging Asian markets to provide consumers with brand-differentiating resealable packaging for powdered milk, tea, and other multiple portion applications, according to the Company.

Converting to a zipper resealable package often required a significant investment in new zipper-ready vertical form/fill/seal machinery. As a baseline machine, the TopZip Jr. was designed to offer an affordable retrofit option, and it is upgradeable to run at higher speeds and with a wide variety of pouch formats and zipper profiles. The upgrades enable Zip-Pak to offer a highly tailored solution based on specific customer needs, with a low capital investment.

“The TopZip Jr. was developed to enable even the smallest of brands to reap the benefits of resealable packaging,” Ken McCracken, Business Unit Manager for Zip-Pak Systems, suggested. “The development underscores Zip-Pak’s commitment to innovation in order to provide the tools that enable convenient, appealing, and freshness-retaining packaging.”

The TopZip Jr. is user-friendly and robust, yet has a smaller footprint than traditional stand-alone zipper applicators, allowing for greater flexibility on the manufacturing floor. The new technology applies press-to-close zippers, including the patented ZIP-PAK Powder-Proof, in the transverse direction, and can support pillow, block-bottom, quad-seal and stand-up pouches. Additional upgrades include perforation and ultrasonic sealing. The technology can run anywhere from 30 bags per minute without ultrasonics to 100 bags per minute, depending on upgrade options.