Unilever Australasia embarking on restructure

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 21st November 2008

Unilever Australasia is in the process of a reorganisation, designed to reduce costs and strengthen their connection with consumers, according to just-food. The restructure will involve the cutting of 90 jobs across a wide range of departments. The affect of which is expected to be dampened by their earlier decision to freeze recruitment.

“Unilever Australasia is undergoing organisational changes to achieve the ambition of moving from a good business to a great one,” a Unilever spokesman told just-food. “(The changes are) designed to improve the way we operate there, enabling us to be more responsive to our customers, while reducing our cost base.”

“To reduce the impact of these changes on individuals we have had a freeze on recruitment in place for some time, so some people whose roles will disappear may be able to be redeployed in other areas of the business,” the spokesman added. “Those for whom alternate roles cannot be found will be offered redundancy and will be leaving the business during December.”

In August last year, Unilever announced the planned reduction of 20,000 jobs worldwide, as part of their endeavour to cut costs. At the end of last month they advised shareholders that their plans for reducing expenses were progressing well.

“Our cost savings programmes are far reaching and on-track to deliver,” Unilever concluded in a statement.The consumer goods giant recently reported sales growth in the third quarter of 8.3%, as they benefited from increased investment in their brands. In Australia, where their prominent food and beverage brands include Streets, Flora and Lipton, they reported an improved third quarter with “good volume growth and a greater contribution from price”.