Australia’s first no-carb beer?

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 11th December 2008

A Queensland boutique brewer has announced the launch of what they believe to be Australia’s first no-carb beer.

The product, Bighead, has been created by the Burleigh Brewing Company, an independent craft brewery based in Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Burleigh Brewing CEO, Peta Fielding, believes demand for low-carb beers, which continues to strengthen, will see their product find a strong market. “There are a lot of low-carb beers on the Australian market, but only one no-carb – and that’s Bighead Beer,” she said. “For the past year, our customers have been asking us when we were going to create a low-carb beer and today, we’ve not only delivered, we’ve exceeded everyone’s expectations with a beer that is truly unique. We don’t know why this hasn’t been done before now, but we’re thrilled that the idea and ability has been developed by an independent Queensland company.”

Natural Beer

The beer is reportedly a full-strength lager that is free of additives and preservatives, has no carbohydrates and 88 calories per bottle.

So how has this little company from the coast managed to create something that no-one else in Australia has?
Understandably, they’re not wanting to share too much of their secret, but advise that it’s based more on tradition than modern technology.

The Burleigh Brewing team, led by Masterbrewer and co-founder, Brennan Fielding, has spent the past year researching, developing, testing and refining the no-carb recipe, which has also been tested by an independent lab in accordance with Australia and New Zealand Food Standards to substantiate its no-carb claim.

Peta Fielding reported that quality did not need to be compromised in the making of a no-carb beer and is expecting the launch to hail a new sector in the Australian beer industry.  “Low-carb beers may have been the ‘it’ drink of 2008, but looking towards the new year, we see the launch of Bighead opening up an entirely new beer category,” she concluded.