Food Recall: Smith’s Salt and Vinegar Classic Crinkle Cut

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 17th December 2008

The Smith’s Snackfood Company is conducting a voluntary recall of the products listed below as a precautionary measure following the discovery of pieces of rubber in some packs produced at their Queensland manufacturing plant. The company has advised that the rubber could pose a choking hazard.Only Smith’s Salt and Vinegar flavour Classic Crinkle Cut Potato Chips with the below Best Before date and lot codes are affected.

Salt & Vinegar Multipack Box 15pack

Best Before: 12 Feb 2009 with lot code “GD” (Lot code is located under Best Before date)

Salt & Vinegar 50g/100g/175g/200g

Best Before: 12 Feb 2009 with lot code “GC”

Other flavours of Smith’s Classic Crinkle Cut Potato Chips and all Smith’s Thinly Cut Potato Chips are NOT affected.

Anyone with the specified product should not consume them and should take the product to the place of purchase for a full purchase price refund. The specified products should no longer be sold by retailers. If the product has been purchased from a vending machine please call the 1800 freecall number listed below.

1800 555 107