Sam Kekovich Australia Day lamb ad returns – with a swipe at bankers

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 8th January 2009

With the world in the midst of a financial crisis Sam Kekovich is pointing the finger of blame directly at one group, and one group only: over-paid fat-cat bankers.

In his now familiar Australia Day address to the nation, Sam empties both barrels at the un-Australian behaviour of “bottom feeding, billionaire bankers”.

“We need to return to the egalitarian values that made Australia great, embodied in our national dish: the barbecued lamb chop,” Sam says. “A chop tastes the same in a designer outfit as it does in stubbies and thongs. Which reminds us you don’t need to be an overpaid, pin-striped parasite from a millionaire’s factory.”

“To be truly happy, you just need a chop and a cold one,” he continues. “The short-selling, rogue-trading, corporate crooks may disagree with me, but they can go jump. And if they don’t know the way I’ll push them in the right direction.”

Sam even draws inspiration from US president-elect Barack Obama in his annual address.

“I need every Australian – the whole bloody lot of you – taking up the tongs and being Sam Kekovich,” Sam says. “Can we change things if we all unite as a nation? Yes we can!”

Sam will also be taking his message to the streets this year, with a national tour to all state capitals in the week leading up to Australia Day.

Since his first tongue-in-cheek address to the nation in 2005, Sam Kekovich’s Australia Day campaigns have continued to strike a chord with many Australians. Lamb sales have consistently risen since that first address and the week leading up to Australia Day continues to be the biggest trading period for lamb each year, with supermarkets and butchers recording strong increases in demand.