Pizza Hut to turn Pasta Hut

Posted by Isobel Drake on 20th January 2009

Yum! Brands is to test a co-branding of their Pizza Hut outlets in Australia in a bid to boost market share. The company has seen Domino’s assume the market leadership in the fast-food pizza market after they held top spot at the turn of the century.

Pizza Hut Chief Executive Albert Baladi said Pizza Hut would maintain its strong focus on pizza but wants to now become just as famous for pasta.

“The launch of tuscani pasta, along with testing the Pasta Hut brand, is the first step in Pizza Hut reinventing itself,” Mr Baladi said, according to the Herald Sun. “The company is investing in significant changes in every area of the business in an effort to double the business within five years.”

Yum! Brands last year tested the Pasta Hut brand in both the American and UK markets and it was successful enough that they are hopeful it will prove a hit in Australia. A $4m campaign highlighting their two pasta options will back the launch of the brand in two outlets – Sydney city’s Martin Place, and the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

The company, which has indicated they have had the best start to a financial year for six years, is also offering their customers to choose the brand name they prefer: Pizza Hut or Pasta Hut.