Diet to be dictated by downturn

Posted by Editorial on 3rd February 2009

Drivers of flavours and ingredients in foodservice and retail are to include the downturn, health and wellness, and heightened consumer interest in environmentally friendly consumption decisions, according to the latest edition of the annual Food Flavors and Ingredients Outlook series – published by market researchers Packaged Facts.

For instance, using coupons, eating fewer meals out, preparing more home cooked meals from scratch, and substituting private label products for leading branded items are among the strategies consumers are expected to increasingly employ to combat the recession.

“It’s almost certain that the recession will continue through 2009, and that is motivating consumers to buckle down and embrace the new reality,” Tatjana Meerman, publisher of Packaged Facts, said.

Being in the grip of recession has not deterred the growing interest in products that promote good health. Many consumers are concluding that spending a bit more on food products touting health benefits may serve as a form of affordable insurance to help avoid stratospheric medical bills later.

Meanwhile, the idea to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is motivating consumers to indulge in environmentally friendly behaviours that are also easy on the wallet. Packaged Facts expects that substituting tap water for bottled, cloth napkins for paper, eating more leftovers, and consuming locally produced foods will become more commonplace.

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