Coles on top in latest GROCERYchoice survey

Posted by Editorial on 2nd March 2009

A month after Woolworths took the cheapest complete grocery basket in 53 out of the 61 GROCERYchoice regions, its main rival Coles has hit back, with figures released today indicating they are now cheaper in 36 of the areas.Choice, which took over the survey earlier this year from the ACCC and plans to update the oft-criticised site in coming months, reported that the differences between the two majors were most pronounced in NSW, Vic and SA – where Coles dominates in the greatest number of regions and its basket of varied goods is cheaper.

Woolies remained cheaper in Queensland, Tasmania and ACT, however, while Aldi again came out on top for a basic staples basket in all regions it operates.

“The price differences might not be pronounced but it’s interesting to see how the crown of having the cheapest basket swings between the two majors,” said CHOICE spokesman Christopher Zinn. “One of the key advantages of a price comparison website like this is to drive competition and we want to develop GROCERYchoice in such a way to maximise the benefit to all consumers.”