Delhaize – Unilever feud ends

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 10th March 2009

A conflict between one of the world’s biggest grocery suppliers and Belgium’s second-largest supermarket operator, which saw 300 products stripped from the shelves of the retailer, has been defused.

Last month, Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize froze orders of about two-thirds of the Unilever products they normally stock due to a dispute with Unilever over pricing and in-store promotion. A survey last month found Delhaize had begun to lose customers who were brand loyal, while Unilever were losing sales to one of their biggest Belgian customers; consequently forcing an urgent need for both sides to come to a suitable agreement.

“The balanced agreement means a positive outcome for both parties and the consumer,” the two companies said in a brief statement.

Delhaize and Unilever both declined to advise how many products the new deal would cover. Normally the consumer products giant has around 480 on Delhaize shelves but this fell below 200 during the dispute.

“Our products will start reappearing very quickly,” Unilever spokeswoman, Aurelie Gerth said, according to Reuters.