Experiential newspaper advertising could present exciting opportunity to food marketers

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 31st March 2009

Innovative “sticky notes”, which can be placed on the front page of newspapers to engage readers in a never-before-offered taste sampling advertising experience, could provide a welcome boost to the struggling advertising sector.

Created by First Flavor and US Ink, the interactive ad allows readers to literally smell and taste a flavoured food, beverage or other flavoured product. Each ‘Taste-it Note’ provides readers with “an easy-to-open, tamper evident foil pouch in a multi-layered sticky note format.”

“We are extremely excited about the potential of Taste-it Notes and our Peel ‘n Taste flavour strips to engage newspaper readers in flavourful advertising,” said Jay Minkoff, President and CEO of First Flavor. “We believe this type of sensory experience helps companies connect to their customers in a completely new and innovative way and drives product trial.”

“We believe Taste-it Notes could be a breakthrough in newspaper advertising – at a time when newspaper executives are increasingly interested in innovative solutions that will assist their print advertisers to increase revenue and differentiate their brand,” said Michael Dodd, President of US Ink.