Supermarket dine-in offers the “most aped” promotion around

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 1st April 2009

UK retailer Marks & Spencer has found life in its food retailing sector, highlighting the benefits of an improved range – including ‘national’ brands for the first time in some of their stores – and targeted promotions.
Marks & Spencer (M&S) saw food sales rise 0.4%, with Executive Chairman and CEO Stuart Rose indicating a belief that consumers will still demand quality over price when it comes to food.

“Maybe people will want to buy things that have a little bit more lasting quality,” he said. “Maybe people will eat less, but better.”

M&S, an upmarket food retailer which has traditionally sold only private labels, has been criticised for being tardy in its response to the recession but Mr Rose suggested they were now adapting to the changing conditions.

“Foods performance improved again this quarter, with customers welcoming our increased innovation, better ranging and sharper values highlighted by our Wise Buys, Dine In and Family Favourite offers,” he explained. “We continue to improve availability. Our quality standards remain core to our values in Food and we remain the UK’s most trusted food retailer.”

Their “Dine In” promotions, which focus on taking away share from restaurants and fast-food outlets, were dubbed by Rose as “the most aped promotion of any promotion around,” before adding that, “at least you get a bottle of wine with ours”.