App for testing whether fruit is ripe developed

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 31st May 2017

An Israeli start-up has developed an app which takes all the guess work out of deciding whether a piece of fruit is ripe or not.

Created by Aclar Tech, the ‘AclaroMeter’ uses an app and sensor to analyse the ripeness and freshness of fruit.

Users just need to scan the fruit with their phone’s camera and a purchased sensor. Data on the fruits’ acidity, firmness, weight, colour and size will then be analysed against prior fruit samples to determine what life stage the produce is at.

The developers behind the app say it is ideal for farmers and can stop fruit going to waste. It also takes away the hard guesswork required in deciding whether fruit is ripe to pick or not.

According to Start-Up Israel, Aclar Tech is still testing the app but British supermarket chain Tesco has expressed interest in the technology.


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