Salt content of Australian pizzas at alarming levels: AWASH

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 19th May 2009

New research has cast concern over the sodium content of pizzas, with 94% of pizzas sold in Australia reportedly “overloaded with salt”.

The pizza with the highest sodium was found by The George Institute to be Pizza Hut’s BBQ Meat Lovers, which – with 13 grams – provided more than double an adult’s recommended daily amount of salt. More than two thirds of takeaway pizzas examined contained double the daily recommended amount of salt for an adult, according to the researchers – who looked into 115 pizzas from three leading chains (Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Eagle Boys).

Woodfire Pizza

“Bread, processed meats and cheese are all high salt products so combining them into one meal eaten in fairly large amounts as a pizza is deadly. Government action is needed to ensure that the food industry is held to account,” said Jacqui Webster, Coordinator of the Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health at The George Institute. “Food manufacturers, restaurants and cafes, contract caterers and fast food companies have a responsibility to reduce salt in foods. Consumers must also play their part by making sensible food choices.”

Nearly all supermarket bought pizzas had less salt than takeaway pizzas. The pizza with the lowest amount of salt (overall) was McCain Pizza Singles Ham & Pineapple, one of the 41 supermarket pizzas studied, which contained 2.5 grams of salt.