In-store communication technology set for Australian launch

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 26th May 2009

Media Cart, a computer screen fixed on the nose of supermarket trolley to provide targeted communication, will officially launch their first fleet of trolleys into Australia in October.

The system offers shoppers access to a wide range of features including ads for store specials, a map showing product locations in the store and even nutritional information and recipes relating to products.

The concept was developed by two Australians, David Brice and Geoff Brown, who were keen to create a more effective way to communicate with consumers at the point of purchase. Years of development, working in the USA with Microsoft, Intel and Cisco, has led to the development of a software program that reportedly delivers targeted communications at the point of purchase and assists shoppers.

“Advertising on a shopping trolley isn’t new,” Media Cart Australia’s Chairman, Geoff Brown, noted. “However when you add a high definition computerised video screen, the latest radio frequency identification and software technology, real time information and sales data, then that’s big news for marketers, retailers and shoppers”.
In October, Media Cart will be up and running in Canberra’s largest independent supermarket and liquor store, which has approximately 15,000 shopper visits per week.

“We’ve chosen the largest independent in Canberra as our first showcase to give category partners maximum flexibility to test and trial their marketing campaigns on a weekly basis over a six month duration,” Mr Brown advised.

The technology comes to Australia after first being tested at ShopRite supermarkets in the US. More than 33 brands participated in the Shop Rite pilot including Procter and Gamble, Nestle, Kraft and Pepsi, with the company reporting sales increases of between thirty and forty per cent for participating products.

Media Cart is now in production to commence roll out to 240 ShopRite supermarkets and is negotiating with several ‘tier one’ supermarket chains in Europe and USA.