Woolworths is cheapest in 60 of 61 regions in Australia

Posted by Janice Wong on 1st June 2009

Woolworths is the cheapest store in 60 out of 61 regions around Australia for a total basket of goods, reported by GROCERYchoice today in its May 09 supermarket price survey results.

From the figures released last month (May 1), the number of regions that Woolworths has the cheapest basket has increased significantly from 39 out of 61, to now 60 out of 61 regions. Coles had the cheapest basket in only one region, which was the south-eastern South Australia region, where Coles were just over $1 less than its opposition.

The cost of the total basket, which is a statistical measure drawn from several hundred grocery items, varied in Woolworths across the country between $159.40 in Sydney’s south west and $172.53 in the Northern Territory.

For the staples basket, which contains more than 60 everyday products, Aldi was the least expensive in all of the 40 regions where it operates with the basket priced at about $61.

The most expensive chain in each region was on average 44% more expensive than Aldi. But in SA, WA, Tasmania and the NT, where there are no Aldi stores, Coles had the cheapest staple basket which cost between $80 and $84.

From July 1 a completely revised GroceryChoice survey will begin, with the aim of presenting more timely and relevant information for shoppers.